Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Chickens, etc.

Chicken & Wine

Chicken & Wine, one of my 3D assemblages, sold in Rockport during the 4th of July festival -- which turned out great, btw, after the threat of Him-icane Alex disappeared. I had my good friend Sylvia there to help set up in high winds, and we anchored and tied everything twice... and lost nothing except our *hair dos*, which of course I don't worry about anyway and Syv's just looked nice and beachy. I guess people were tired of being stuck inside because the turnout was excellent both Saturday and Sunday, and it actually was not as much of an oven as it normally is, thanks to Alex.

So the reason I mention the chicken piece is because I have now completed it's companion (?) piece, I guess you'd call it. Chicken & Wine is all about the human perspective from atop the nest (human head, chicken bod). Nesting, settling in, protecting the... wine? Actually it's about being comfortable once the nest is empty, with advice to share the good times with someone ("Share the chicken, share the wine" -- words collaged around the base -- is altered from Jack Straw, a Grateful Dead tune).

The new assemblage, titled Civilian, examines labels placed on society and re-phrases the question Why did the chicken cross the road? to include the answer:

Why did the chicken cross the road to get on the other side?

In other words, without getting too deep into the old chicken dilemma, why do we need to explore the other side of the road? This piece, with chicken head and human body, labels humans and places wealth and status on the lowly chicken. While there are a zillion answers to the question, the chicken remains focused, albeit with human eyes both on the same side.

The chicken has arrived.


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