Monday, March 29, 2010

Corpus Christi ... etc.

The Corpus Christi Festival of the Arts was this past weekend. The weather was gorgeous, slightly breezy the second day, but really could not have asked for better. I met lots of nice people, and it was good to see a few of the TX artists again that I've met at other shows. I learned to tie a slip knot (thanks to Harold!) ... that's about all I have good to say regarding this ((((mostly very crafty))))) show.

PLEASE ORGANIZERS, next time separate the fine art from the piggy banks. And do something about shutting off some of the traffic during break down. Could not one of the six lanes of traffic on Shoreline have been closed for loading for a few hours on Sunday?

(I doubt anybody is reading this but I feel slightly better now. The wine and beach seem to have helped......)