Monday, June 14, 2010

Getting ready for 4 of J in Rockport

Been almost a month since I returned from my two week trip to Florida and NC. It was a great road trip for me. Sometimes I just like to drive drive drive drive... Really, I lucked out on the weather, only one storm that knocked around the yellow sub a bit. I saw parts of Ga. I'd never seen before -- Savannah, Sparta, little back road railroad towns that were like you'd see in a movie. NC was beautiful too, especially when I got off the interstates. Loved seeing the old old brick buildings.

The art shows in Lakeland (Mayfaire) and Raleigh (Artsplosure) were both nice and full of wonderful artwork. I visited with some of my dear friends that I have not seen in years. And I enjoyed being on the road with brother David (I still don't know why he insisted on flying back to Fla??)

So now I am working on getting ready for the Rockport Texas ~~~HOT~~~ 4 of J festival, my second year there. I've completed quite a few new (and exciting) pieces to replenish what sold on my trip. Work work work... fun fun fun!